Founded in 1970, BB Transport specializes in contract mining, rehabilitation, bulk earthworks, rehabilitation and civil construction. Predominantly operating in the Mpumalanga province of South Africa. On average, BB Transport runs between five and eight contracts simultaneously, mostly focusing on coal mines.

Our goal is to exceed the expectations of every client by offering outstanding customer service and great value. Our workforce is distinguished by their functional and technical expertise combined with their hands-on experience. All our employees are trained and equipped with all the necessary skill to give nothing but exceptional service to our clients, which they expect and deserve.

In order to provide the highest quality work on time and within budget, operation efficiency is key. To operate efficiently our organization not only relies on the expertise and skill of our workforce but also on all of the equipment that is essential to achieving our targets. Production targets will never be met if the plant availability and utilization is not at maximum. Detailed maintenance schedules, planning and collaboration between production and engineering is crucial and something we pride ourselves in. By following this principle we won’t only achieve our targets but our plant will stay in top condition.

A Great workforce in all portfolios needs leadership. Leadership is the driving force behind everything and determines the direction and success of any organization. BB Transport believes in Transformational Leadership as this has been the most effective way of leading our people. Every leader’s goal is to inspire their specific portfolio through effective communication and collaboration which initiates the path to success. We set challenging goals and higher expectations for ourselves and each employee, which ultimately leads to achieving greater results. By applying this BB Transport has completed many notable projects throughout Mpumalanga in the northern region of South Africa.

BB has grown from a small to medium-sized enterprise to a much larger organisation with an exceptional track record that speaks for itself .  The business keeps on growing and expanding due to our efficient and professional way of working.

From all of this it is clear that we view our employees, our non negotiable standards and our leadership style that enforces accountability as our keys to success and also the foundation of our business. We believe that with the good reputation we’ve got and relationships we’ve built for 50 years we can achieve continued success.

Some Notable Projects Completed

BBTransport have successfully completed hundreds of reputable projects with distinction for more than 50 years


Ballest Formation Removal


Upgrading of Trout Dams and Surrounding Areas at Dullstroom


Topsoil and Pre Strip Operation at Bokgoni


Rehabilitation of Discard Dumps at Goedehoop


Sinkhole Rehabilitation, Safe Making High Risk Areas, Earthmoving and Rehabilitation at Kromdraai


Khwezela Colliery Navigation Pit Making-Safe of Previously Undermined Area and Haul Roads


Contract for the Provision of Mining Services for the Navigation Pit Coal Loading and Hauling Operation

Other Projects Completed by BB Transport


Khwezela Life - Extension Project

The Design, Supply, Delivery, Construction, Installation, Testing, Commissioning And Remedying Of Any Defects for the Khwezela Collieries Navigation Pit. Making- Safe of previously undermined Areas and Haul Road Construction


Mine Closure Projects

Rehabilitation of all sinkholes, subsidence and spontaneous combustion areas. Maintenance of high risk areas at dormant reserves Landau 1&2 and surrounding areas


MSS Sinkholes

Rehabilitation of all sinkholes, subsidence and spontaneous combustion areas at Middelburg Steam & Station. Maintenance of high risk areas at all dormant mines / reserves


MRD Pylon Re-position

Earth works to establish base for re-positioning transmission tower at mine residue dump


Bokgoni Soft & Pre-strip

The design, supply, delivery, construction, installation, testing, commissioning and remedying of any defects for the khwezela colliery (Bokgoni section) Topsoil and pre-strip operation


Kromdraai Rehabilitation

Strip, haul and live placing of Topsoil. Doze, Level And shaping of old mining areas


TOC Sinkhole Management

Stabilizing high risk sinkhole areas at Tweefontein Opencast Glencore


KK Haul Road Construction

HMV Haul road construction at Kleinkopje Colliery linking new boxcut to existing infrastructure


Emalahleni Water Treatment Plant

Various earth works and civil construction projects at the well known Emalahleni Water Treatment plant project


Khwezela Colliery Kromdraai Sinkhole Management

The design, supply, delivery, construction, installation, testing, commissioning and remedying of any defects for the sinkholes an rehabilitation at Kromdraai, Excelsior and Navigation. The mining of Red Areas at Khwezela opencast operations


Landau Dams

Cleaning and maintenance of silt traps and holding dams


Bokgoni Old Shafts

Cleaning and closing of old shafts at Bokgoni


Kriel Sinkhole Project

Rehabilitation of all sinkholes, subsidence and spontaneous combustion areas


Mabenas Ramp

Mining Services, Coaling at Mabenas Ramp (Kromdraai, Khwezela)


Sinkhole Rehab at Transmission Towers

Stabilize Red Areas and Fix Sinkholes Underneath Eskom Transmission Towers


High-wall Cladding

Cladding of High walls using overburden to fight spontaneous combustion


Ramp 6 Haul Road

Construction of a Haul Road for Heavy Moving Vehicles trucking coal out of the mining pit at Kromdraai


Excelsior High Risk Minining Trial

Develop and trial new mining method in high risk areas at Excelsior


KK Sponcom

AAA Cladding, smothering and rehabilitation of formed sinkholes and subsidence’s in areas where mining is not taking place at Kleinkopje Colliery. Preventing loss of reserves due to sinkholes and spontaneous combustion AAA


Pitbull Walkway

Clearing of vegetation and Construction of Dragline Walkway


Mafube Red Areas

Stabilizing Red areas, Fixing Sinkholes, Topsoil & Pre Strip Truck & Shovel, Stockpile Maintenance


Landau Dams 2

Cleaning of the “Tinus dam, Dixon dam, lopies dam” at Landau Colliery


Umlalazi Dams

Cleaning of tailing dams. Cleaning of PC dam. Upgrade of PC dam to increase capacity


Goedehoop Dump Rehabilitation Project

Rehabilitation of the Bank 5 and Scoonie dumps at Goedehoop Colliery


Duff Dump

Truck and shovel a waste stockpile that lays in direct path of the mining activities at Kromdraai


Kromdraai Spruit

Cleaning of the Kromdraai spruit. Constructing clean and dirty water separation systems. Upgrading of holding dams. Rehabilitation of contaminated areas


Kromdraai Decant Project

Various civil and earth works at the Kromdraai decant project. Constructing a Clean and Contaminated water separation system

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