BB`s number one priority is safety and all of its staff is committed to achieving zero harm

Safety has no goal post and the target is never reached, it is a continues effort that never stops and requires focus, commitment and dedication every day with every task. Achieving success in safety daily will only be achieved when there is a safe culture within the organization, it needs to come natural to every employee and be apart of their behavior.

Experienced operators, hands-on leadership and world class procedures have been a great asset to the company’s safety success, but it is the culture within BB that allows everyone to go home safely every day… this will only be achieved when having a true brothers’ sister`s keeper culture and the empowerment of every individual to bring work to a halt should they consider conditions to be unsafe.

BB has achieved many great things and completed hundreds of notable projects but nothing rewards better than knowing we have a safety  culture that allows employees to return home safely to their families.

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