“One of the areas that we’ve excelled in, that has undoubtedly made us a trusted leader and household name to our many clients, is the rehabilitation and safe making of sinkholes and high risk sinkhole areas which we specialize in.”

Bulk Earthworks

We specialize in all earth-moving including; topsoil stripping, pre-strip & overburden removal, stockpile and discard management, site preparation, excavations, embankment construction, backfilling, base & sub base course preparation, compaction and road surfacing.

BB carefully plans each project  to the finest detail before implementing the best method in order to execute with maximum efficiency and optimal productivity. All equipment is specifically designed to perform different tasks at different production rates, although simple enough many overlook this basic fact and end up under performing, causing delays. Depending on the task, the specific volume and the rate the client requires we plan and select fit for purpose equipment in order to run efficiently and at maximum availability.

BB also cleans up dams, holding dams and slit traps containing slurry and coal slurry:

Coal slurry is a mixture of solids (mined coal) and liquids (usually water) produced by a coal preparation plant. Coal slurry impoundments represent a major threat to public health and aquatic organisms due to potential contamination of groundwater and streams , we specialise in the effective and safe removal of coal slurry.



Contract Mining & High Risk Mining

BB only mined small portions of pillar coal which was classified as high-risk areas where the possibility of sinkholes were high. This was done in order to eliminate the risk – coal was extracted and underground workings collapsed thus rehabilitating the areas permanently, specifically done in areas that had to stand dormant for longer periods of time and where spontaneous combustion were present.

Since then BB expanded its opencast mining portfolio excessively and today we are contracted to do opencast  mining on various sites for our many clients. We have also successfully completed numerous opencast contracts in time and on budget and as with all other aspects of the organization we are extremely proud of our achievements.

Rehabilitation & Sinkhole Rehabilitation

In January 2012 tragedy struck a mine in Mpumalanga when a fatality occurred involving a sinkhole collapse. Whilst trying to retrieve a bogged down dozer 5 workers fell down a sinkhole that collapsed in the working area, 4 people survived and was rescued but unfortunately 1 passed away.

BB was a contractor at the specific mine when the fatal occurred and was busy with rehabilitation, earth moving and construction work which started in April 2006. We were well known for our expertise in rehabilitating sinkholes around various mining sites, specifically old dumps that was mined or rehabilitated, these dumps were high risk sinkhole areas.

Together with the client, BB came up with a specific procedure to handle and treat exposed and none exposed sinkholes in order to continue mining safely and to prevent another fatality from ever happening again involving sinkholes . Furthermore the process would also help improve production as it supplied a solid base for drilling and it would increase the production rate of the rehabilitation as it involved live placing of topsoil.

Since starting with the procedure BB have treated more than 4 000 000 m² high risk areas and exposed and rehabilitated more than 300 hidden sinkholes which each could have resulted in another fatality, all of this was done whilst contributing to production and rehabilitation.


High Risk Areas – Sinkhole Stabilization

Since the original “roughening up” procedure came into effect back in 2012 a lot has been added and tweaked for the better. A hazard index plan was developed  through a Tier 1 and Tier 2 processes and the success of it is undeniable, this will truly be an asset for any opencast mine struggling with high risk underground mined areas.

The hazard index plan indicates high and low risk areas  along with the roughening up procedure; this enables the safe approaching of existing sinkholes as well as finding and exposing hidden sinkholes – which are the most dangerous.  The normal mining can proceed and drilling can take place knowing that the equipment and people are on stable ground with no hidden tunneling or cavities underneath within the 5 meter specification.

The high amount of previously underground mines within the South-African mining industry is of great concern and remains a huge liability, by making use of this procedure a lot of mines and areas can be rehabilitated or mined out safely following the hazard index plan and the roughening up procedure.

The roughening up procedure has also helped to combat spontaneous combustion in areas where sinkholes have formed by smothering and cladding effected areas, this prevents reserves from burning out and mitigates the risk until further action is taken.

The key effect that the procedure had was educating people about the extreme dangers of sinkholes and the incredible risk that they pose, they should be approached and seen as an extremely dangerous hazard which has the potential for loss of life… no sinkhole, cavity or subsidence should ever be treated without the necessary attention it deserves.

Working in a dangerous and hazardous environment with unpredictability requires extreme caution and focus and all teams are led by an experienced supervisor and site manager who simply has to walk the talk in order to go home safely at the end of the day. Constant communication and planning is the order of the day where all views and inputs are respected and given proper attention.




BB have been doing mine rehabilitation for more than 40 years in all forms with distinction and perfection.

  • Waste Dumps

  • Surface Infrastructure Demolishing and Removal

  • Re-Vegetation

  • Soil Amelioration

  • Soil Replacement

  • Soil Stripping

  • Surface Land-form Design & Profiling



As with mine rehabilitation BB have been doing civil works since 1970 which includes but are not limited to:

  • Structural

  • Geotechnical

  • Transportation

  • Water

  • Construction


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